The Devil and the Dark Water by Stuart Turton – Featured on BBC Between The Covers

Available at the library.


Set on a ship in 1634, a special delivery has been requested. In addition, a well known man named Samuel Pipps has been asked to be brought along as a prisoner to be sentenced to a crime known only to a few. Pipps comes with his trusted security guard and sidekick Arent Hayes.

Before everyone boards the ship they are warned that if they leave to go on this trip, the Devil will be joining them and killing everyone on board. No one takes any notice, however they soon learn that that was a mistake.


I have finally managed to read The Devil and the Dark Water. It took me a long time to read due to its length and the small amount of time I have to read a paperback book each day (thanks to my 2 year old son). It was however, an excellent book and despite its length, it kept my interest throughout. I first saw the book on BBC2 Between the Covers and thought that it was something that I might like to read. I am pleased to say that I was right. The characters were well written and the setting was excellent. The setting of a ship on a stormy sea really added to the spooky and mysterious atmosphere. It was all very cleverly written and well thought out. I was getting a bit concerned that I might lose the thread of how it all happened, but I just about managed it! All in all an enjoyable read and one which I highly recommend.

⭐Rated 5/5⭐

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