Autumn Leaves – A Chick Lit Anthology – Free on Kindle

Bedgebury Forest and Autumn Leaves

Free book on Kindle


A chick lit anthology of 6 short stories taking place in Autumn.

The first story is about a couple where the man is certain that his partner is being unfaithful, the second story is about a journalist falling for her temporary cameraman, the third story is about a woman running a marathon and trying to leave her problems behind, the fourth story is about a woman who has returned home due to difficulties and things seem to get worse when she is confronted by her childhood enemy, the fifth story is about two friends who end up getting married, but there is only love on one side of the relationship and lastly the sixth story is about a woman coming home to look after her sick mother and realising what she has missed.


As I said at the beginning of the month I wanted to read something with an Autumnal feel to it. I like reading stories that correspond to the current season and this free kindle book fitted perfectly. It was a lovely anthology of Autumn short stories that I wished were longer. Just as I was getting into each story it ended! The first story in particular just suddenly ended and I wondered where the rest of it was. The others were slightly less abrupt in their endings and felt quite natural to stop where they did, if indeed they had to end. 

I will admit that it took me a while to get used to the short story style as I have been reading long, heavy books recently, but I got there in the end! All the stories were enjoyable and not one let the anthology down. 

I recommend reading this book as an inbetween read, as something that is light and doesn’t drag on, maybe after a particularly long and/or heavy read.

⭐Rated 4/5⭐

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