A Court of Silver Flames by Sarah J Maas – Popular on Social Media

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The story of Nesta, Cassian and the Trove. 

Nesta needs to sort herself out physically and mentally and finds herself in training with Cassian. Whilst she initially tries to get out of it and does her best to keep people at arm’s length, she soon learns that it is actually doing her some good and the end result is love, friendship and forgiveness through her hard work and perseverance.


As soon as I had finished the last one I was straight onto the library app for this one. I was thrilled when there wasn’t a waiting list! So far I have had to wait weeks for all the others so this time I was able to go seamlessly from one book to the next!

As with the previous books I was gripped from the beginning and sad when I had finished it. I was initially a little bit daunted by the size, but once I got into it I barely noticed it! 

I love the world that Sarah J Maas has created and it was lovely to see Nesta in a different light. I actually felt for her and completely softened towards her in a way that I never thought possible. I wanted the other characters to see what we were now seeing and I couldn’t believe that they didn’t see the changes that we as the reader could see. I was really routing for her and was glad that she made some lovely friends who both understood her and helped her get through her difficulties. 

I really enjoyed the friendship, forgiveness, hard work and love shown throughout this story. 

The settings as usual were amazing, even the dark ones. I think that you need the dark settings to appreciate the beauty of the other settings more. The settings also really accentuated the mood of the book and highlighted further what was going on for the characters.

In conclusion this book is definitely part of a new favourite series of mine and I look forward to reading more!

⭐ Rated 5/5⭐

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