Book Review – The Royal Secret By Andrew Taylor

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It’s 1670 and we are taken on an adventure including witchcraft, murder and a poultry house fit for a member of royalty, through the eyes of two main characters; one is a female architect and the other is a government official. All of these adventures are intertwined leading up to the royal secret. 


I chose this book for my birthday as a first edition hardback (I like the idea of getting a book published around my date of birth). It certainly is a beautiful book with a lovely bright dust jacket.

Getting to the content, it was interesting in that as I was reading it nothing much seemed to be happening. The writing style was pleasant enough. It didn’t grip me, but I was happy to carry on until the end. When I look back on the story, actually quite a lot did happen, but at the time of reading it didn’t feel like it. I don’t think that has ever happened to me before!

The characters were interesting in their actions and the way that they dressed. It gave a good snapshot of what London was like to live in in the 1600s whichever class you were.

The description of 1600’s London was also good and you could really imagine yourself there, which wasn’t always a good thing!

It took me a long time to read as other books kept coming up, meaning that I had to stop reading it. As it wasn’t particularly gripping me I didn’t mind putting it on pause. I also think that some of the problem was that I am not overly familiar with that period of history, so I found it hard to keep up with who was who and what was happening generally in the world at that point. There was a helpful character list at the beginning, but I didn’t want to have to keep flicking to and fro. The short historical notes at the beginning and the end also helped a bit, but as they weren’t overly detailed I still got confused!

Overall it was a very average read for me.

⭐Rated 3/5⭐

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