Book Review – Dead World by Alex Apostol – Out Later This Month!

Dead World by Alex Apostol


We are now on the third book and Christine and Zack are determined that they will carry on fighting to find the cure and not stop until they have it. They leave the group in the safety of the bunker and make the journey to the lab. Gretchen sneaks out of the bunker to join them at a great cost. 

The bunker life isn’t as safe as Christine and Zack first thought and the rest of the group end up fighting their own problems – both from the living and the dead!

Will Christine and Zack find the cure and will bunker life ever be the same again?


After reading the first two books I couldn’t wait to get started on this one! 

This is the third book in the series and I can honestly say that I loved this book! 

Just like the first two, it was well written and well thought out. You could really imagine going through what the characters went through should a zombie apocalypse ever happen! 

The characters all had some traits or thoughts that you could relate to and the settings really highlighted the situations that the characters found themselves in. I enjoyed reading about the different settings; the woods, the bunker, the streets and the research lab itself. Together with the characters the settings kept my interest and made the story what it was.

Throughout the story there was so much going on, there was never a dull moment. There were some really sad and emotional moments, but without them the jeopardy of the story wouldn’t have been the same. 

The style of the writing where you went from group to group kept you in suspense and made you want to keep reading to see what would happen! 

I definitely recommend giving this series a go!

⭐Rated 5/5⭐

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