Book Review – Before Again by Claire S Duffy


He’s been killing for hundreds of years.
But he reckoned without her.

Kirsty has always been alone.

It’s fine. It’s what she’s chosen. People, as a general rule, are more trouble than they’re worth. It’s why God invented batteries.

But when she comes across the man being burned alive on the banks of the Clyde, she can’t just let him die. Without a second thought she batters in to save his life…

And accidentally tears the fabric of time.

Now an ancient serial killer is on the loose and only Kirsty can make him regret he was ever born.

Even if it means killing the only person who ever loved her.

Sometimes she can bloody well see all these magic destiny shenanigans far enough.

The twisty, laugh out loud funny start to a seductive fantasy series. Buffy meets Outlander with a side order of Taggart. If you like fast-paced action, Glasgow humour and women who take no prisoners, you’ll love Before Again. 


I was kindly given this book to read by Shannon from R&R Book Tours.

I really enjoyed reading this book. Despite the dark subject matter, the main character was light and amusing and it made the book a pleasure to read. The only downside to this book was that at times it was hard to understand the dialect that it was written in, but once I got the hang of it I was gripped! 

I think that I found it quite difficult to begin with because I haven’t read a book written in a different dialect before and so it was a new experience for me. It certainly made me slow down (even more than usual!) and take in the story more because I had to try and understand what was being said. 

I loved the way that the characters were written (even the dark ones) and I enjoyed reading about their relationships to one another.

The setting was Glasgow and I think that that it was a brilliant choice because it really emphasised the darkness that was going on in the story and helped to keep the story moving. 

Overall it was an enjoyable read with a good mix of fantasy, romance and sci fi. What more could you ask for?!

⭐RATED 4.5/5⭐

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