Book Review – Chill Out and Cheer Up by Grace Grossmann


Nowadays, we question what leading a happy life entails, how to be satisfied. We end up wasting our energy away, looking for happiness and not living it the right way. What even is the right way!? We follow the path that is supposedly set out to us by societal stresses and cunning commercials, steering us in the direction of Always. Wanting. More. When in your twenties, thirties or sixties, we often question what’s happening. Let’s heal together.


I was kindly given this book by the author to read and found it to be a lovely book that went into quite a lot of detail, but without being too overbearing. The chapters could be individually read and studied in one sitting without too much trouble.

I personally decided to read it a chapter at a time so that I could keep each part separate. I didn’t want to overload myself by reading too much of it at once. I felt that by doing this I appreciated it more, rather than just rushing through it. 

The writing style was friendly, firm (in a positive way) and relatable. What I was reading made a lot of sense and I will definitely bear it in mind throughout my everyday life.

I could feel the passion in the writing, and I liked that there were poems and drawings included to break the chapters up and to reinforce what was being said. 

Overall a good book to read and refer back to when you need to pick yourself up.

⭐Rated 4/5⭐

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