Blog Tour Book Review – R&R Book Tours – Last Blue Christmas by Rose Prendeville – Available 1 December 2021

“A run-of-the-mill cotton swab packed inside a plastic tube, nestled within a padded envelope and stamped with prepaid postage – that was all that stood between Max St.James and the answers he’s craved for decades.”

Genre: Mystery/Christmas Romance

Number of Pages: 372

Date of Publication: 1 December 2021

Publisher: Eridani Press

Rated: 4/5

My Review Summary: A great alternative Christmas romance story.


Not on Officer Maggie Kyle’s Christmas bingo card: a homemade bomb in a bus station locker; a child, the prime suspect in the bombing; her partner of ten years abandoning her to solve the case on her own.

Max St. James might be the worst cop in the world—or at least in Toronto: he fell in love with his partner; he’s the reason she never became a detective; he doesn’t much care who planted the bomb.

The IED’s blast ignites years of tension, sending Maggie and Max careening in opposite directions—but opposites still attract.

Can they find a way to come together to solve the case before another bomb goes off? And will it mean another ten years sacrificing the future they want for the partnership they already have?


I saw this on R&R Book Tours and had to put my name down for it! I love a Christmas themed book at this time of year, but I don’t always want to read the light, fluffy romances, so this seemed to fit the bill perfectly.

The book was cleverly written and kept my interest with the will they, won’t they question alongside solving the case. 

The book was split into 6 sections with the chapters running through. This gave you the timeline of the story and for me added realism to the whole thing. Nothing was rushed and you really got to feel what it would be like to be in their world.

The chapters themselves were long and broken down into the points of view from each of the main characters. This meant that you got a good chunk of the story and could really get to know the character and how they thought and felt at that particular point in time.

I liked the characters and was desperate for them to clear up their misunderstandings. Each time you thought that they would tell each other how they felt something happened and they ended up thinking that the other didn’t like them. 

The way that the characters were written was really thorough. You learnt more about each character as the story went on through how they reacted in certain situations. The main character Max would often relate past events to what was happening in the present, so you could build up the whole picture of him as a character and understand what he was doing in the present and why. 

As you found out more about the characters so you did about the case. It was seamlessly woven together to produce this interesting story.

The settings were loosely described and I liked the theme of Christmas running through it. The settings were really only there as an extra layer as it was the characters conversation and actions that took centre stage. 

Overall a good read that focussed on the characters thoughts and feelings alongside an interesting case that kept you guessing! 

I recommend this book if you are in to romance and the real intricacies of characters. 

⭐Rated 4/5⭐

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