Toddler’s Library Book – Not Yet Zebra

Not Yet Zebra by Lou Kuenzler and Julia Woolf (click for link to Goodreads)

Book Description From Goodreads:

“Annie said to the animals, “Please stand in a line.I’m painting my alphabet. Come one at a time! First Aardvark and Bear and Crocodile too. Not yet, Zebra. I’m not ready for you . . .”Annie wants to paint an alphabet using her animals, but Zebra simply can’t wait until the end for his time to shine. Sneakiness, silly costumes and plain pushiness doesn’t get him anywhere – but he has to learn to wait his turn!”

A couple of days ago we went to a library near my mum’s house and chose this book. My son loves the alphabet and this is a cute story that uses animals to go through the alphabet. The pictures are lovely and bright and the story itself is simple, yet entertaining. It isn’t a rhyming book, but still has a good flow to it. We shall be reading it over the weekend!

Happy reading everyone!

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