Random Things Blog Tour – Book Review – Date With Betrayal by Julia Chapman

“They ambushed her in the ginnel on her way back to the office.”

Genre: Mystery

Number of Pages: 353

Date of Publication: 31 March 2022

Publisher: Pan MacMillan

Rated: 5/5

My Review Summary: An entertaining story full of twists and turns


In the seventh novel in Julia Chapman’s Dales Detective series, betrayal is rife in the idyllic Yorkshire Dales as Samson O’Brien, owner of the Dales Detective Agency, is targeted by a hitman. Can Bruncliffe save him?

Death is coming to Bruncliffe; its target is Samson O’Brien.

Oblivious to his impending date with darkness, Samson is busy juggling a series of cases at the Dales Detective Agency.

But while Samson is otherwise engaged, Delilah knows what is coming. A hitman. Sent from London with one objective: silence the troublesome O’Brien once and for all before his corruption case can make it to court.

With Samson’s life in peril, Delilah has no choice but to turn to the people of Bruncliffe for help if she is to stop the hitman from achieving his objective. Only trouble is, the townsfolk have long memories and deep grievances when it comes to Samson O’Brien. They will take some convincing before they put themselves in danger in order to save him.

In a race against time, and with the life of the man she loves in the balance, Delilah will have to call on all of her connections built up over a lifetime in Bruncliffe in order to push back the darkness that is threatening to engulf the Dales town. But even that might not prove enough.


I am always excited when a murder mystery pops up as a Blog Tour. This one is the seventh in the series, but I didn’t notice that when reading it. It was written in such a way that I didn’t feel like I had missed out on anything that would be crucial to this story.

The writing was engaging and fast paced. The chapters were fairly long, but cleverly split to control the pace at different points of the story. 

The chapters at the beginning were labelled and were taking us to different points back in time. It was clearly done so I didn’t feel lost at any point. The chapters gradually got longer, but were split (as mentioned above) into separate chunks and headed with a time. This kept my interest and allowed the pace of the story to be controlled. Cliffhangers were dotted around and suspense was built up throughout the story.

There was a lot of detail in each of the chapters, but I didn’t feel overwhelmed. The details added to the story rather than detracting from it. 

The characters were great and I never knew who to trust. The sub chapters in the chapters allowed for different character points of view which was interesting (especially when it was the dog’s turn!) and also added to the mystery of what was going on. I enjoyed all the twists and turns. As soon as you thought you had cracked something, a spanner was thrown into the works! It kept me on my toes and made for compelling reading. 

I loved the relationships between the characters. There was a lot of love and support for one another and I loved how they all worked together to solve the case. 

Lastly the settings. I loved the village setting and all that comes with that ie the characters and their unique traits. The settings were well described and I was transported to where the characters were. 

Overall I really enjoyed this book. It was full of twists and turns with a bit of romance thrown in for good measure! I highly recommend to murder mystery fans. 

⭐Rated 5/5⭐


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