Easter Reading – Free on Amazon Kindle – Book Review – The Clutch of Eggs by Debbie Young


In the second of a new series of quick reads, young Tommy’s new passion for wild birds’ eggs causes him to put the village of Wendlebury Barrow on the map for all the wrong reasons. In the company of her kitten, a sausage dog, and a handsome stranger keen on birdwatching, Sophie Sayers tries to create order out of chaos, without driving her bookseller boyfriend Hector away.

This gentle, quick read (about 30% the length of a Sophie Sayers novel) includes your favourite characters from the Sophie Sayers Village Mysteries and also introduces engaging new characters, from a lonely old widow to a trio of birdwatching brothers – not forgetting cute sausage dog Bunty!

A feel-good read to make you laugh out loud at the latest antics in Wendlebury Barrow, The Clutch of Eggs will touch your heart with poignant matters of family, friendship, love, and loss, and lift your spirits with a guaranteed happy ending for all concerned.


I was looking for a short story that had an Easter theme to it and came across this book on Amazon Kindle for free. What I didn’t realise is that I have actually read a book by Debbie Young before and really enjoyed it! 

This book was no exception. It was a lovely story that was short, enjoyable and fitted my Easter theme brief – eggs. There were lots of things going on in such a short space of time!

The writing was light and from the main character’s point of view. The chapters were fairly short and had great headings. Whilst there wasn’t a lot of detail there was enough. There was a good balance between detail and character conversations. I also enjoyed the different storylines going on in the book. They all cleverly linked up and the book had closure. There wasn’t a rushed or abrupt ending like some short stories can have. 

The characters were excellent. I loved their relationships and I loved the innocence of the children. At some points I thought maybe it was taken a bit too far, but it was still enjoyable to read. 

Lastly the settings. I love the village setting and the village community. It highlighted the community spirit and how everyone looked out for each other. 

Overall I enjoyed reading this book and particularly liked learning something new about collecting eggs. 

I recommend it if you are looking for a light, short, egg themed book!

⭐Rated 4/5⭐

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