Random Things Tours – Book Review – Twelve Days In May by Niamh Hargan

“To say that Ciaran Flynn ruins Lizzy’s first day in Cannes seems a little pathetic, and maybe hyperbolic, and certainly like it gives him a degree of power he does not deserve.”

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Number of Pages: 400

Date of Publication: 28 April 2022

Publisher: HarperCollins

Rated: 4/5

My Review Summary: A lovely read with likable characters.


They haven’t spoken for 12 years.

Can they fall in love in 12 days?

Lizzy Munro is working at the Cannes Film Festival, in a job that involves a lot more admin than red-carpet glamour.

There, Ciaran Flynn is the man everyone is talking about: heartthrob of the moment and director of the most romantic movie of the year.

What nobody knows is that twelve years ago, they were best friends . . . and they haven’t spoken since.

But when Ciaran’s film runs into trouble, there’s only one person he can turn to.

Is twelve days enough to save not only Ciaran’s film, but also the spark he and Lizzy once shared?


I am always on the lookout for chick lit/rom coms to break up my usual go to genre, Thriller (although recently I have been reading more and more rom coms!) and this one seemed to fit the bill. It was also set in May, so a very seasonal read! 

The writing was light and started off with an outside narration that lured you into the story. The narration then went onto the main character Lizzy’s thoughts and points of view and then as we got to know her, we then switched to Ciaran’s point of view. The story is mainly from Lizzy’s point of view though with Ciaran’s point of view appearing every so often. I like that we are mainly seeing the story from one character and when we do get to see Ciaran’s side it gives us a more rounded view and an insight into how else the same situation can be read.

There were some deep issues touched upon and worked through in a sensitive manner which was nice to read about. It added an extra layer to the characters and consequently the story.

The chapters were fairly long and as mentioned above, mainly from Lizzy’s point of view. Each chapter was dedicated to a time period, sometimes two consecutive chapters were based on that time period. It was cleverly done and I always knew when and where I was reading about. It had a good flow and built up the story well. It kept you in suspense, travelling from one time period to another. Once you knew the whole backstory the chapters stayed in the present time and it once again became focussed on Lizzy’s point of view. 

I enjoyed the Epilogue at the end. That gave me good closure. 

Whilst I enjoyed the gradual unravelling of the story and the miscommunications, I do feel that the story could have wrapped up sooner. I felt that some bits went on for longer than necessary. 

The characters were great and really likable. It was interesting to see how they each reacted differently to the same situation. It was easy to see how things could have been misinterpreted and it was sad to see that they had wasted so much of their time on a miscommunication. It was an interesting journey to go on and I liked the mix of thoughts and conversation to tell the story. 

Lastly the settings. I loved being in Cannes and going to a couple of parties. It is a world that I know nothing about and I am glad that this book took me there! There wasn’t a lot of setting details though as most of it was based on the characters thoughts and feelings, however there was enough to give you a good grounding and to feel like you were there. 

Overall an enjoyable book with great character journeys.

⭐Rated 4/5⭐


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