Goodreads Top 5 Wednesday – Dare You To Try It

Welcome to Top 5 Wednesday! Hosted by Goodreads T5W group this week it is books that I dare you to try (click the titles for my reviews). Here are my top 5:

Melmoth by Sarah Perry

I had never heard of Melmoth and had certainly never heard of this retelling of it before. It was certainly an interesting book and therefore one that I think you should try if you fancy reading a bit of Gothic Fiction.

The Attic Child by Lola Jaye

This was a heartbreaking yet informative story that I think everyone should read.

Shadow Flicker by Gregory Bastianelli

This was an interesting story focussing on the installation of Wind Turbines. A good mix of Fantasy, Sci Fi and a touch of horror.

Dead Soil by Alex Apostol

This is the first book in a series about a post (the start and during) apocalypic world and with the pandemic it gives you pause for thought!

The Threat Below by J S Latshaw

This is a post apocalypic world that is set a hundred odd years after humans had to escape land and find safety high in the mountains. As with Dead Soil it makes you think…

What books would be on your dare list and why?

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