Library Book Review – Secrets of the Mummy Concierge by Tiffany Norris


‘Tiffany’s rolodex would be the envy of many Hollywood producers’ Grazia

Create a unique baby name that no one has ever used before… tick

Organise a delivery room photoshoot with hair and make-up for mum-to-be… tick

Arrange a toddler birthday party with no maximum budget… tick

All in a day’s work for the Mummy Concierge.

Tiffany Norris is the one and only concierge for parenthood in the UK today. Acting as a baby’s personal assistant, on-call therapist and social director, Tiffany strives to be the ultimate parent protector, peacekeeper and negotiator when it comes to bringing a new tiny human into the world. Where demands go way beyond late-night food cravings and into the luxurious world of the super-rich, Tiffany is on hand to help with all kinds of seemingly impossible requests.

From opulent nurseries and stylists for new-borns to 3am calls worrying about just not being enough, Tiffany also shares her own story of motherhood and post-natal depression. Secrets of the Mummy Concierge reminds us all that being a new parent is one of the hardest jobs on earth.

And luckily, The Mummy Concierge is here to help.


I was looking for books to read on my Library App and came across this one. I loved the cover and the blurb drew me in. There was a bit of a wait on it which made me think that it was a good book. I was not disappointed and can confirm that it was worth the wait!

The writing was light, chatty and engaging. I was hooked from beginning to end. I had never heard of a Mummy Concierge and it was interesting to read about how the other half live! I also loved how all the anecdotes were presented and at times you were given a handy list of things to read through. Nothing was complicated or required too much thinking. 

The book was split into parts that were labelled and illustrated and then further split into chapters. Each part was fairly long, but you didn’t feel the length. I really got into the chapters and the time flew by! 

I enjoyed how it was a journey through pregnancy and that the author herself was also pregnant at the same time as the mums that she was helping. It was nice to see that personal touch. There were some sad moments, but they were dealt with sensitively. It was a very encouraging book and reminded you that even when you have low days they won’t last forever and that with love and support you will get through it. 

Overall it was a joyous book to read and one that I highly recommend if you are about to embark on motherhood or if you are later on in the journey. 

⭐Rated 5/5⭐

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