First Chapter First Paragraph Tuesday Intros – The Little Paris Patisserie by Julie Caplin

It’s First Chapter First Paragraph Tuesday! Hosted by Socrates Book Reviews this is where you share the first paragraph of one of the books that you are currently reading. Each week I will choose a book of the week (which will be one of the books that I am currently reading) and that book will take part in this book blog meme:

This week my book of the week is The Little Paris Patisserie by Julie Caplin (click for link to Goodreads) published 6 September 2018.

“Stamping her sore and tired feet on the gravelled surface to get some warmth into them, Nina looked at her phone for the ninety-fifth time in ten minutes, almost dropping it. Where the heck was Nick? Fifteen minutes late already and her fingers were about to snap off, adding to her general sense of misery. Standing here at the back of the entrance to the kitchens in the staff carpark, there was little protection from the biting wind whistling around the sandstone manor house and certainly none from the bleak thoughts in her head.”

I chose this library book because it links nicely to Paris In July. I have been wanting to read more of Julie Caplin’s books so I was quite excited when I got a reason to read this one! It is quite a long opening chapter, but it sets the scene nicely for the main character wanting to get away and do somehting with her life!

Book Description From Goodreads:

“In a cosy corner of Paris, a delicious little patisserie is just waiting to be discovered. And romance might just be on the menu…

As the youngest of four, Nina Hadley has always had her big brothers telling her what to do. So, when she’s given the chance to move to Paris and help run a patisserie course, she can’t say au revoir quick enough!

There’s just one problem: high-flying chef Sebastian Finlay is the owner of the patisserie. He’s also her brother Nick’s best friend – and the man she has secretly been in love with since forever.

Amongst the mouth-wateringly delicious eclairs and delicate macaroons, Nina’s culinary creations aren’t the only tempting thing she’s working with…”

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8 thoughts on “First Chapter First Paragraph Tuesday Intros – The Little Paris Patisserie by Julie Caplin

    1. Emily Jane Post author

      It was great. Oh that would literally be the icing on the cake!!! I have a book that came with recipies. The Kitchen Front. It was World War 2 recipies so I wasn’t overly eager to try them…


      1. Lisa @ theplainspokenpen

        I would totally try World War II recipes! It would be a kitchen adventure. 🙂 One YouTube channel we watch is Tasting History with Max Miller. He tries recipes (or as close as he can figure out) from all different time periods. Another is Glen & Friends, and he shares his attempts at recipes from vintage cookbooks on Sunday evenings. I would definitely try recipes from days past. But we’re weird like that. LOL

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Emily Jane Post author

        Maybe I am just a wimp 😂🤣 they sound good. My partner likes watching cooking shows and I laugh because they always seem to be cooking fish which he is allergic to 🤣

        I like the historical side to it but I am quite a fussy eater…


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