Random Things Tours – Book Review – Daisy and the Dazzling Dachshunds by Janey Clarke

“”Daisy! Daisy! We need a pet basket now! Help us Daisy! Hurry!””

Genre: Cosy Mystery

Number of Pages: 256

Date of Publication: April 2022

Publisher: Blossom Spring Publishing

My Review Summary: A story that was full of action


“The discovery of a murdered woman with a rescued dog and her puppies on Bodmin Moor, hurtles Daisy, a shy retired librarian and her oddball friends, into another dangerous, yet comical escapade.

Daisy is on a mission to find the murdered woman’s killer, linking events to the puppy farm, and is suddenly thrust into a world of explosions, shootings and kidnappings!

Furthermore, family secrets come to light and Daisy discovers an unexpected revelation that will change her life forever.

This newfound knowledge is difficult for Daisy to cope with and somewhat hinders the situation that befalls herself and her friends. And if that isn’t enough, the return of her ex-husband poses even more problems.

Daisy enlists the help of Cleo her cat, and Flora her puppy, both rescue animals, in her search for the puppy farm. However, the question remains, even with all the help she has, can Daisy manage to outwit the villains and save herself and the puppies from harm?”


I was initially drawn in by the title and the cover, and then had to sign up for the tour after reading the blurb! I was not disappointed. It was a great read and definitely the epitome of what I feel a cosy mystery should be. 

The writing was light and entertaining. The story as a whole was so full of action that I never had a chance to get bored! So much was packed in to a relatively short story. The story had a good pace to it and was well balanced with conversation, action and the main character’s thought processes. The way that the main character was written made her feel real and relatable. I like the fact that she is of the older generation. There is very little out there written about them so it makes a nice change. 

The chapters were simply labelled and fairly short which helped with the pacing of the story. They were a neat continuation of the story without making huge jumps, thus giving a good flow to the story. 

The characters were excellent. The only thing I would say is that there were a lot of them. As I haven’t read the first book, it took me a while to work out and remember who they all were. Also adding to that were the names of the dogs and the main character’s cat. I got there in the end though!

Whilst there were mentions and nods to the previous book, I didn’t feel like I had missed anything major that would spoil what was happening in this story. What I particularly enjoyed was that every so often the main character would summarise what was going on and ask questions so that you as the reader didn’t have to. 

The settings were excellent. I loved being in the Cornish countryside and that all the characters lived in cottages etc on the same priory land. There was real community spirit and friendship that was a joy to read. 

Overall I really enjoyed this book. It was a wonderful cosy mystery and one that I would recommend if you want something light, but full of action. 


Scottish born, I now live on the Jurassic Coast of Dorset with my husband, and Monty our enormous cavalier spaniel. As a lifelong sufferer from EDS, I cope with my restricted mobility by dictating all my novels. Changing primary schools, meant that I was unable to read until given special lessons. This gave me a deep love of reading and I devoured books. After extra training I specialised in teaching children with reading difficulties. Still an avid reader, I love cozy mysteries, where the murder doesn’t scare me to death!

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