Tuesday Night Reading

It was a disturbed reading evening this evening as my son refused to go to sleep. Nonetheless sleep has now been achieved and I have finished my library book Circe by Madeline Miller! I have also drafted a review ready to be finalised tomorrow, with it then being posted on Thursday. I am glad that I finished it as my interest had been lost for quite a while. I carried on with it though as I felt that I was too far in to give up, plus it is the book that will fulfil my mythology retelling genre goal. After reading it I am not sure that I will be reading any more mythology retellings.

That was the bulk of my evening. I did manage to read a few pages of Quarter to Midnight by Karen Rose once my son fell asleep. I am now slightly behind with that, however, I had read a few extra pages the last few nights and with my library book finished I will be able to concentrate on it a bit more. I am really enjoying it so far!

I hope that you have all had an excellent Tuesday. Tomorrow on the Blog it’s WWW Wednesday, Top 5 Wednesday and Wondrous Words Wednesday.

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