Let’s Talk Bookish – Reviewing Books

Welcome to my Let’s Talk Bookish post! Created by Rukky @ Eternity Books and hosted by Aria @ Book Nook Bits, this meme includes a set prompt which we are then let lose on to discuss.

This week’s prompt is:

Reviewing Books? (Rachel @ A Bookworm in Paradise)

What makes you want to review or not review a book?

Since starting my Blog in June 2021, I have reviewed every single book that I have read. If it was a short book, then I have just done a mini review. I wouldn’t see the point of my blog if I didn’t!

Do you review every book you read?

As above.

When it comes to my son’s library books, I haven’t reviewed all of them. I need to start up again really. I include them in my stacking the shelves posts so really I should make more of an effort to review them!

Are some books harder to review than others?

Some books are definitely easier to review for example if there are more writing techniques used then I can talk about them all. If I have really enjoyed a book then I can also go on a bit longer! I find reviewing my son’s books very hard because there are so few words!

Do you review books you disliked?

Yes, but I try not to be too harsh because someone has taken the time to write it, plus someone else might enjoy it and I don’t want to discourage them from reading it too much!

If you’ve ever written a ranty review, have you regretted doing so afterwards?

I haven’t written a ranty review, and the reviews that I have written that aren’t full of compliments I don’t regret.

Do you delete reviews that are “outdated” or don’t follow what you think of the book now?

No. I like that the review is of it’s time. At the time that is what I thought. I always write a review straight after reading so the story is always fresh in my mind. To me any changes made later will be irrelevant because the story isn’t fresh.

What about you?

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10 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Bookish – Reviewing Books

  1. Carla

    I also review every book I read, but occasionally don’t put it on my blog. I might just review it on Goodreads and Amazon though. I don’t usually put reviews for Christian books on my blog (books for studies) but again, I review them on Goodreads. I don’t review all the books I read to my grandkids, as there are so many, but do if it is an ARC.

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    1. Emily Jane Post author

      I only read for fun these days so I review everything. I never thought about not reviewing it once I had started this blog! Yes, childrens books are so short that it is hard to review them all!

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  2. Janette

    I definitely don’t review every book I read. I review all of my net galley books but only post a few to my blog. I don’t review many of my library books though. I think that to write a good review for my blog takes a long while and if I reviewed every book,, it would definitely begin to feel like work.

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    1. Emily Jane Post author

      I am quite a slow reader and only read maybe 10ish books in a good month. I try to keep my reviews to just under a page. It probably takes 20ish mins to draft then maybe 5ish mins to transfer to my blog when I am next at the computer.

      I have also only been blogging for a year and a bit so it’s still quite exciting to review everything!

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  3. BonnieReadsAndWrites

    If I read a self-published book that I don’t like, I usually don’t review it because I know how hard it is for self-published authors. They don’t have a team behind them like traditionally published authors do. That’s just my personal preference.

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