Mini Book, Mini Review – Witch Happens by AM King

Free Kindle Book (free when I purchased it)

Genre: Fantasy/ Cosy Mystery

Number of Pages: 139


Some people come from a long family line of lawyers, doctors, teachers and even cops. Febe just found out she comes from a long line of…witches! 

Febe Summer is not having a good day. Or a good year, for that matter. She lost her fiancé, her job, and her apartment all in one day—on her 25th birthday! Talk about the worst. Birthday. Ever! 

She’s jobless, penniless and soon to be…homeless. 

Will she be able to rebound and pick herself up again? 

Oh, and she just found out, thanks to a dark family secret, that she’s not who she thought she was. She’s a witch! And she’s not allowed to practice magic—yet. 

When she moves back to her small hometown of Blackshore Bay, there’s more family drama than she can handle. Her aunties are out of control, her sister is being secretive and someone has murdered the malicious town gossip. Will she be able to find out whom, before it’s too late? 


I wanted something short to read for this Halloween month and this Kindle Freebie (free at the time of purchase) jumped out at me. Whilst it took me longer to read than expected (due to other commitments) I ended up really enjoying the story.

The writing was light and descriptive. I really felt that I got to know the main character in a short space of time. For a short story a lot was packed in. It suddenly got quicker towards the end and all of a sudden the murderer was announced. It was a surprising twist that, whilst it felt quite sudden, looking back there was a bit of a build up that I didn’t realise had taken place at the time that I was reading it.

The chapters varied in length with the longer chapters at the beginning and the middle. It gave an interesting pace to the story. Whilst there seemed to be a big build up and back story, I wasn’t disappointed by the sudden solving of the murder. I knew that it had to come soon due to the number of pages left, but it was still a surprise! I think that the answer to the murder was so interesting that it took my mind off the speed of the solving. 

I loved the characters and the relationships that they all had with one another. I enjoyed reading about the ups and downs in the family unit. It made it more relatable (as far as a magical story can be!). 

Lastly the settings. I loved the small town and how everybody seemed to know everyone, yet still no one knew who the murderer could be. 

Overall an enjoyable, short, cosy mystery. I recommend it if you just want a magical, one sitting book. 

⭐Rated 5/5⭐

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