Author Request Book Review – A Moment On The Lips At Christmas by J Taylor

eARC from the Author

Genre: Christmas/Humour

Number of Pages: 241


A Moment on the Lips Christmas may not be a perfect Christmas, but it’s definitely one you do not want to miss.

From: Pamela Wilson

Date: 20 Dec 2021 04:43

Subject: Very exciting news! Prompt response required!

Dear Family and Friends,

You are cordially invited to join us at Midwinter Cottage from 30 December to 2 January, situated in the glorious wilderness of the Scottish Highlands, for a Christmas and New Year break to remember.

Midwinter is an extremely luxurious thatched cottage that sleeps 18 comfortably and was featured in 2020 Your Home magazine. Facilities include gym, cinema, indoor heated pool, sauna, Aga and manicured grounds with fire pit. Small dogs are allowed in the house. Outdoor shoes are not. This break is a gift from us to you. NO financial contribution is required. RSVP WITHIN 24 HOURS as we need the final numbers for the Ocado shop. Transport via executive coach is included. We look forward to hosting you! Let’s make some memories!

Festive love and peace

Pamela and Gillian


I was so excited when I saw that there was a second A Moment On The Lips book and that it was set at Christmas in Scotland?! Before I had even started reading it, it had ticked all my boxes! It was funny, light-hearted and had everything that I look for in a Christmas book.

The writing was amusing and I enjoyed the way that you could “hear” the way that the characters spoke from the way that it was written. The book had me smiling and laughing the whole way through. There was always something happening, and what I enjoyed was that it was so realistic. I could imagine these things happening which made the book relatable. What also made the book relatable was the addition of text messages. I thought that they added an extra something to the characters and allowed you to see what they thought about certain situations. 

I appreciated the character list at the beginning of the book because there were quite a few characters to keep up with. Whilst I may have got people a bit mixed up at the beginning it didn’t matter and I soon remembered who was who! 

The chapters were fairly short and so gave the story a good pace. They carried on the story without jumping anywhere which also gave the story a good flow. Some of the chapters had titles with dates and places which I liked. It made it easier to keep track of the timeframe. 

The characters were brilliant. I loved them all. I love their personalities and how they all interacted with one another. Their friendship is lovely to read about and I love that they all have each others backs. Their personalities are all unique and yet they gel in such a way that brings hilarity to any given situation. 

Lastly the settings. A Christmas in snowy Scotland is just the dream. Whilst there wasn’t a lot of detail about the surroundings there was enough – I loved the description of the Lodge with the library! I don’t think that any more detail was needed though, because it was all about the characters and their interactions with each other and the outside world. 

Overall I loved this book and can’t wait to read the next one! I will say though that whilst it is not necessary to read the first book (due to the character list at the beginning), I would advise that you do in order to fully appreciate the characters.

⭐Rated 5/5⭐

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