Random Things Tours – Book Review – The Will by Rebecca Reid

“Roxborough Hall is an enormous house. Too big, really.”

Genre: Crime

Number of Pages: 384

Date of Publication: 10 November 2022

Publisher: Penguin

My Review Summary: A gripping family tale


The Mordaunts aren’t like most families . . . 

For one, their family home is Roxborough Hall – a magnificent, centuries-old mansion in the Norfolk countryside. For another, the house isn’t passed down from parent to child – but rather to the family member deemed most worthy.

Cecily Mordaunt is dead. On the evening of her funeral, her family will gather for dinner and each will be given a letter, revealing who is the next custodian of Roxborough Hall.

The house is a burden, a millstone, a full-time job . . . but they all want it. And some are willing do anything to get it.

One family. Eight letters. Who will get what they deserve?


I was drawn in by the blurb of this book and was excited to be accepted onto the Tour. I had read a book back in the summer with an inheritance theme and enjoyed that, so I had fairly high expectations for this book. I was not disappointed. I just kept on reading and struggled to put it down! 

The writing had me hooked from fairly near the beginning. It took me a little bit to work out that the chapters without a date on meant that they were back in the present day – it would have been helpful to have had that label, but I was soon in the swing of it and because I read for a few uninterrupted hours (!!) I was able to keep a handle on what was going on and who was who. I am pleased that there was a family tree in the front of the book as that helped when there was confusion. I will say though that on the family tree it had one of the character’s full name on, which I don’t recall him ever being referred to in the book, so that caught me out a little bit (the character was called Jonty, but in the family tree he is down as Jonathan). Despite this occasional pause in the story while I worked out what was going on I absolutely loved it and didn’t want to put it down. I often have a couple of books on the go, but decided not to swap over half way through the evening as I wanted to know what was going to happen next! Definitely the sign of a good book for me! 

The chapters were fairly short and those that went back in time were dated. As I mentioned above I would have preferred it if the numbered chapters had the title of present so that I knew where I was. It didn’t take long to work out, but if you had put the book down it might take you a while to realise that you were back in the present time upon picking it back up. The short chapters gave a good pace to the story and it was always moving. I didn’t get bored at any point.  

The characters were excellent. There were some unlikeable characters, and weak characters, but that made the story for me. The outcome was unexpected. I enjoyed the way that you hopped around different character’s perspectives. They did have a chapter to themselves when this was happening so I was able to keep up with what was going on. It was nice to get everyone’s point of view at some point in the story. 

Lastly the settings. There was only one main setting and that was the house itself. It was described as another character really. I enjoyed what description there was, but it was primarily a book based on the characters and their thoughts and actions. 

Overall an unputdownable book for me. I highly recommend it! 


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