Random Things Tours – Book Review – Someone To Kiss by Jamie Anderson

“She was drunk – not “super-fun life of the party” drunk.”

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Number of Pages: 300

Date of Publication: 22 October 2022

Publisher: TRM Publishing

My Review Summary: An entertaining, gripping tale about the pitfalls of online dating


A Hilarious and Heartening Take on the Pitfalls of Modern Dating.

As the clock strikes midnight over a disastrous New Year’s Eve and happy couples celebrate all around her, Kate makes a resolution, hastily scrawled on the back of a napkin, that next New Year’s Eve she will have found someone of her own to kiss.

But when you’re a forty-something cat-mom who’d rather binge Netflix than brave the singles scene, finding someone to kiss turns out to be harder than it sounds. Kate is totally unprepared for navigating hook-up apps, speed-dating, and sliding into somebody’s DMs.

With the end of the year rapidly approaching, Kate seems further than ever from reaching her goal. As relationships crumble around her and dark long-kept secrets spill out, could Kate’s fixation on her quest cause her to let true love slip through her fingers forever?

Someone to Kiss is a wry and witty romantic comedy, tackling serious issues with real heart. The perfect new read for fans of Beth O’Leary, Jennifer Weiner and JoJo Moyes.


Sometimes you just need a light, entertaining read and when I saw this I thought that it would tick those boxes. Not only was it light and entertaining, but it was also thought provoking and had some serious moments in it. It was just the right mixture that had me hooked and wanting to read more. 

The writing was light and easy and made me want to keep on reading, I struggled to put it down! I was completely invested in the main character’s journey and wanted to find out what was going to happen next. I loved the fact that every so often the character perspective would change so that you got to see what the other characters were thinking whilst the main character was on her journey. I also enjoyed the text messages that were interspersed throughout, that added an extra layer to the story. 

The chapters weren’t overly long so the story moved fairly swiftly. Despite the short chapters, there were lots of things happening along the way that allowed you to really get to know the character’s thoughts and feelings. This helped to slow the story down and to stop it feeling rushed. 

The chapters were all numbered, but some of them had dates which clearly showed how the year was going. I sometimes find it hard to gauge time in a story, but with this book I was expressly told. I also enjoyed the fact that we went back in time so that we could see how the main character ended up being where she was. It was just an extra layer that allowed you to really get to know the character and become more invested in her journey. 

The characters were great. There was clearly a main character, but she had excellent support and it was nice to be able to see the other characters’ thoughts throughout the story. I loved the dynamics between the best friends and the best friend’s brother. They were the constants that made the story more heartwarming. 

Lastly the settings. They were good. They were definitely secondary to the characters, but I enjoyed being taken round various parts of Saskatchewan. There was enough detail to give you an idea of where the characters were without detracting from the characters conversations, thoughts and actions. 

Overall a great read that I struggled to put down. I recommend it if you want something uplifting to read.


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