Random Things Tours – Book Review – The Cornish Cream Tea Bookshop by Cressida McLaughlin

“Ollie Spencer reached blindly for her mug of tea”

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Number of Pages: 416

Date of Publication: 10 November 2022

Publisher: HarperCollins

My Review Summary: A cosy Christmas read with plenty happening to keep your interest


Ollie Spencer has started a new life in the idyllic Cornish seaside town of Port Karadow. Throwing herself into her job at the town’s bookshop, A New Chapter, is one way to make friends. The shop is glitzing up for first Christmas and Ollie hopes her inspired ideas will give the shop the edge it needs to dazzle the town.

But far from being the Sugar Plum fairy the place needs, Ollie is fast becoming its Christmas pudding. With the bookshop’s success at stake, Ollie turns to twinkly-eyed café owner Max for help. Can he help Ollie to turn the page, and put the sparkle back into her Cornish dream?


Just one look at the title and the cover and I wanted to be a part of this tour. I was delighted when I was accepted! It was a lovely book to read with plenty of emotion, Christmas decorations and bookish adventure!  

The writing was light and entertaining with plenty of things happening throughout the book. The description of places was great and I really felt like I was there with the characters. I enjoyed the spooky myths that made up some of the story and liked being on the journey with the main character investigating them!

The chapters were fairly short, labelled with a curly font and had a lovely picture of a teacup. There was a good pace to the book. Nothing felt rushed, and the shorter chapters kept the story moving.  

The characters were excellent and I loved the spirit of friendship throughout the story. My only slightly negative point of view is that there were quite a few characters and I personally found it hard to remember who was who – which is quite rare for me.

It was written from the perspective of the main character and I loved her enthusiasm for the shop and those around her. Whatever life threw at her she was ready to take it and turn it round to her advantage. I definitely want some of her spirit! I liked that the main character had to work to be liked and she wasn’t just accepted straight away. I thought that added something to the story and you willed everyone to like her! I was quite invested in the main character and hoped that everything worked out well for her. There was just the right amount of emotion that made you appreciate what the main character had been through. 

Lastly the settings. I loved being in Cornwall and in the bookshop. I loved the village and the support of the people. It was made to feel real with the main character doing her best to fit in and not always getting it right. Overall a lovely read.


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