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Goodreads Top 5 Wednesday – The Chosen One Trope

Welcome to Top 5 Wednesday! Hosted by Goodreads T5W group this week it is Books With The Chosen One Trope. I have struggled a bit this week as I very rarely read books that have this trope. Some of them are a bit lose!

Mini Book Review – A Ghostly Gift by Angie Fox

The main character is able to see and interact with ghosts.

Library Book Review – The Book Of Cold Cases by Simone St James

The main character was chosen to be the person who finally found out who the murderer was after many many years.

Book Review – Meet The Grubblers by Sarah Louise

The main character was chosen to meet the Grubblers.

Book Review – Chasing the Darkness by Cassie Sanchez

The main character was chosen to undergo an experiment to become a super hunter.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J K Rowling (click for link to Goodreads)

The main character was the boy who lived. Fate chose for this to happen.

What books would be on your list?

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Top Ten Tuesday – Books with Geographical Terms in the Title

Welcome to Top Ten Tuesday! Hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl, this week it is Books with Geographical Terms in the Title (Submitted by Lisa of Hopewell). I thought that I might stuggle this week, but actually I seem to have read a lot of books with geographical terms in the title!

Book Review – The Little Paris Patisserie by Julie Caplin

Book Review – Paris For One and Other Stories by Jojo Moyes

Book Review – The Bay by Allie Reynolds

Book Review – Distant Stars by Kassandra Garrison

Book Review – Spring At Blueberry Bay by Holly Martin

Book Review – The Paris Apartment by Lucy Foley

Book Review – The Little Cafe in Copenhagen by Julie Caplin

Book Review – The Postmistress of Paris by Meg Waite Clayton

Book Review – Witchnapped in Westerham by Dionne Lister

Book Review – The House in the Cerulean Sea by T J Klune

What books would be on your list?

Happy TTT!

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Top 5 Saturday!

It’s Top 5 Saturday! Hosted by Devouring Books, this week it is Top 5 dark reads. I have read a few dark reads in my time, but here are my most recent:

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Book Description From Goodreads:

“An incendiary and utterly compelling thriller with a shocking twist that delves deep into the heart of institutionalized racism, from an exceptional new YA voice.

Welcome to Niveus Private Academy, where money paves the hallways, and the students are never less than perfect. Until now. Because anonymous texter, Aces, is bringing two students’ dark secrets to light.

Talented musician Devon buries himself in rehearsals, but he can’t escape the spotlight when his private photos go public. Head girl Chiamaka isn’t afraid to get what she wants, but soon everyone will know the price she has paid for power.

Someone is out to get them both. Someone who holds all the aces. And they’re planning much more than a high-school game… “

Ace of Spades by Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé – Popular on Social Media

50805422. sx318 sy475

Book Description From Goodreads:

Two sisters on trial for murder. Both accuse each other.
Who do YOU believe?

Alexandra Avellino has just found her father’s mutilated body, and needs the police right away. She believes her sister killed him, and that she is still in the house with a knife.

Sofia Avellino has just found her father’s mutilated body and needs the police right away. She believes her sister, Alexandra did it, and that she is still in the house, locked in the bathroom.

Both women are to go on trial at the same time. A joint trial in front of one jury.

But one of these women is lying. One of them is a murderer. Sitting in a jail cell, about to go on trial with her sister for murder, you might think that this is the last place she expected to be.

You’d be wrong.”

Fifty Fifty by Steve Cavanagh – Featured on BBC Between the Covers

56935099. sy475

Book Description From Goodreads:

You won’t want to leave. . . until you can’t.

Half-hidden by forest and overshadowed by threatening peaks, Le Sommet has always been a sinister place. Long plagued by troubling rumors, the former abandoned sanatorium has since been renovated into a five-star minimalist hotel.

An imposing, isolated getaway spot high up in the Swiss Alps is the last place Elin Warner wants to be. But Elin’s taken time off from her job as a detective, so when her estranged brother, Isaac, and his fiancée, Laure, invite her to celebrate their engagement at the hotel, Elin really has no reason not to accept.

Arriving in the midst of a threatening storm, Elin immediately feels on edge–there’s something about the hotel that makes her nervous. And when they wake the following morning to discover Laure is missing, Elin must trust her instincts if they hope to find her. With the storm closing off all access to the hotel, the longer Laure stays missing, the more the remaining guests start to panic.

Elin is under pressure to find Laure, but no one has realized yet that another woman has gone missing. And she’s the only one who could have warned them just how much danger they are all in. . .”

Pandemic Reading List 2021 – The Sanatorium by Sarah Pearse


Book Description From Goodreads:

“Fresh from a brief stay at a psych hospital, reporter Camille Preaker faces a troubling assignment: she must return to her tiny hometown to cover the unsolved murder of a preteen girl and the disappearance of another. For years, Camille has hardly spoken to her neurotic, hypochondriac mother or to the half-sister she barely knows: a beautiful thirteen-year-old with an eerie grip on the town. Now, installed in her old bedroom in her family’s Victorian mansion, Camille finds herself identifying with the young victims—a bit too strongly. Dogged by her own demons, she must unravel the psychological puzzle of her own past if she wants to get the story—and survive this homecoming.”

Pandemic Reading List 2021 – Book Review – Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

45185987. sy475

Book Description From Goodreads:

“The perfect couple…or the perfect lie?

A year and a half ago, Gemma met the love of her life, Danny. Since then, their relationship has been like something out of a dream. But one Friday evening, Gemma returns home to find Danny is nowhere to be seen.

After two days with no word from her husband, Gemma turns to the police. She is horrified with what she discovers – a serial killer is on the loose in Bristol. When she sees the photos of the victims she is even more stunned…the victims all look just like Danny.

But, the detectives aren’t convinced by Gemma’s story. Why has no one apart from Gemma seen or heard from Danny in weeks? Why is there barely a trace of him in their flat? Is she telling them the truth, or are there more secrets and lies in this marriage than meets the eye?”

Pandemic Reading List 2021 – The Perfect Couple by Jackie Kabler

What do you think of these books? Out of them all Sharp Objects was the darkest one for me, but the others all give it a run for its money!

Happy Halloween Weekend!

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