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Top Ten Tuesday! #toptentuesday #meme #readingresources

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It’s Top Ten Tuesday! Hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl, this weeks Top 10 is Online Resources for Book Lovers. At first I couldn’t think of many, but then I was on a roll! Here are my Top 10 Resources:

📖 Kindle App on my Phone 

I just don’t know where I would be without the Kindle App on my phone. People ask me how I read so many books and this is the answer. I literally carry books round with me all the time and sneak a read in whenever I can!

📖 Libby Library App on my Phone 

I mean this is every book lovers dream isn’t it? To have a library at the tip of your fingers? The downsides are that you can only register in your county and if that county hasn’t invested in online books then your choice is limited, and of course there are queues for books. Having said that I have really got into using the Library App and it has saved me lots of money!

📖 Goodreads 

I now have an electronic record of my bookshelf and an easy way to keep a note of everything that I have read. I don’t use this wonderful App to its full potential, but what I do use it for I absolutely love!

📖 Amazon for buying books

I am always browsing Amazon for books as you can get some excellent free kindle ones. I am also an Amazon Prime member so I can get Prime Reading benefits (I only found this out the other day and was so disappointed that I hadn’t used my Prime Membership to it’s full advantage!).

📖 Instagram for book ideas 

Well my TBR shelves just get fuller after browsing through Instagram. There are so many books out there that it is hard to just narrow it down to a sensible number!

📖 WordPress for books  

Obviously WordPress has to be in this list because without it I wouldn’t have my blog and be able to interact with everyone else’s blog! Again my reading list has grown since starting on here!

📖 Gutenberg Project 

I have put this on the list because when I was doing some online courses over Lockdown I needed to read certain books and Gutenberg provided them for free. The format can be a bit iffy, but at the end of the day you are getting a classic book for free.

📖 Waterstones for signed editions 

My weakness recently is signed books. When I found that Waterstones do a whole selection of signed books, I was there with my birthday and christmas money (they are too expensive to buy outside of these two celebrations!).

📖 Kent Library Catalogue website to see where physical books are 

I have praised the Library App, especially in these times, however pre-Covid I was constantly on the Kent Library Catalogue website to see where certain books were. As I live a short walk away from the library I could see when a book had come in and I was down there like a shot!

📖 Facebook Reading Groups

Last (but definitely not least!) is Facebook Reading Groups. They can get a bit much and sometimes people take things a bit too far, but on the whole people ask sensible questions and you get to see a whole range of answers. On more than one occassion the questions from these groups have inspired some of my posts.

I hope that you find my list of some use and investigate some of these (in my opinion!) excellent resources!

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