Book Memes Hosted Here: Goodreads Monday, Time Travel Thursday and All Over Instagram

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Below is a just rough guide for each of the memes, so feel free to adapt them to suit your blog!

Goodreads Monday:

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Welcome to the new home of Goodreads Monday! I have taken over the role of host from Lauren’s Page Turners and I hope that you can join me on a Monday to post about your Goodreads experiences!

This meme will still include choosing a book from your Goodreads “to read” lists, but I also wanted you to feel able to share any progress that you have made on your current reads, your progress on any challenges that you have set and any other general Goodreads news! I am fairly new to blogging and Goodreads and haven’t used it to it’s full potential and I am hoping that this meme will allow us all to do so!

There is no obligation to do the above, it is just a chance for you to share any Goodreads news and progress as and when you feel like it.

Happy reading and I hope that you can join me for Goodreads Monday! Don’t forget to leave your name and website in the comments so that we can all have a nosey at your Goodreads post!

Examples of questions to answer below. Again there is absolutely no obligation to follow them. Most importantly just have fun with it!

Book that I have chosen from my Goodreads “to read” list:

Star Rating Number of Ratings Number of Reviews Genre

Progress on my current read:

Progress on my Reading Challenge:

Goodreads News Articles/Information that I found interesting

Time Travel Thursday:

It’s Time Travel Thursday! This is where I take a look back at what I was reading this time last year (or the year before or the year before that…) and compare it to what I am reading now.

This day in ….. I was reading:

Fast Forward To Today:

Comparison Note

Places My Books Have Taken Me:

A Monthly Meme where we take a look at all the places that our books have taken us that month.