A Bit About My Blog and I

Need help deciding what to read? Welcome to my blog!

Since becoming a full time mum my life has been pretty busy, however I have learnt to find a little bit of me time where I am able to sit down and read. I started posting what I had read both personally and what I read to my son on Instagram then I found the wonderful app that is Goodreads. I then started posting reviews and thought why not set up a blog? I wanted my blog to be something different so this blog is based on either books I have borrowed from the library or are free/cheap on Kindle (reading should be made available to everyone whatever their budget, plus I am hoping that it will get people back to using their local libraries!). In order to focus my reading material I set myself genre goals at the beginning of the month, but of course if a book catches my eye I will aim to squeeze that in!

Happy Reading!

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My Favourite Genres:

🔪Murder Mystery

✨ Fantasy

A couple of my favourite authors:

📚 Glenn Cooper

📚 Cassandra Clare

📚 Dan Brown

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