Book Review – Witch Way To Murder And Mayhem by Jane Hinchey

Kindle Freebie (free at the time of purchase)

Genre: Cosy Mystery, Fantasy

Number of Pages: 191


To call Gran eccentric is somewhat of an understatement. She has questionable fashion sense, cough, can anyone say bedazzled Ugg boots and a tutu? But my Gran? She is awesome. So when she suggested I buy The Dusty Attic Bookstore I was all in, after all, what could go wrong?

Try finding my high school nemesis dead on the floor of my newly acquired store for starters. Now I’m on the suspect list! Okay, so I just need to find the killer, clear my name, and pass my witches exam. Oh, didn’t I mention that? Yeah, seems the stunt I pulled on my cheating ex-fiancee cost me not only my job but my magic.

My name is Harper Jones and this is not how I expected my return to my magical hometown of Whitefall Cove to go.


This was another Kindle Freebie (free at the time of purchase) that I thought would be perfect for Halloween month. I hadn’t read a cosy mystery in a while and thought that I needed to find a few for this Halloween season! I didn’t want anything too long and this one fitted the bill. 

The writing was light and entertaining. There were moments that had me smiling as well as tense moments. Despite it being fairly short, I was completely taken in and kept wanting to read more. It was well balanced and nothing felt rushed. The ending was a bit of a surprise, but it tied up well. There were a couple of questions that I had at the end, but I assume that these would be answered in the next book. They are only minor curiosities and don’t in any way hamper the enjoyment of the book. 

The chapters were fairly long, but they didn’t drag. You got a good chunk of story before the chapter ended. The story overall had a good pace to it and as I mentioned above I just wanted to keep on reading! 

The characters were excellent. I loved the main character and the relationship she had with her family and friends. The support from everyone shone through. The main character’s Gran brought a smile to my face and added humour to the story. 

There were a lot of different supernatural characters which was interesting. You would be reading about a character and then suddenly it came to light that they were a supernatural creature. They all seemed to understand that there were other creatures around, but I am not sure what the humans thought as there was very little mention of them, apart from the main character’s ex fiancé. 

Lastly the settings. I loved the town and specifically the bookshop. The description of the shop with the addition of magic made it even more special. The settings were described enough to give you an idea of where the characters were, and aside from the bookshop, the settings were secondary to what was going on with the characters.

Overall a great murder mystery and one that I recommend.

⭐Rated 5/5⭐

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16 thoughts on “Book Review – Witch Way To Murder And Mayhem by Jane Hinchey

    1. Emily Jane Post author

      Thank you. It exceeded my expectations. I have fairly low expectations for short stories, but this one was good! Haha it did help with my choosing of the book!


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